Software Testing Methods – What is Load Testing?

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Load Testing

Today I want to expand the Software Testing Blog Series with the Load Test. In this blog post I want to learn what load testing does and why its here. Hope you guys are also hyped to learn a new Software Testing Method, now let´s begin with a little overview what Load Testing particular is.

What is Load Testing?

It is a type of non-functional testing and kind of a Performance Testing which determines a system’s performance under real-life load conditions. It examines how the system behaves during normal and high loads and determines if a system, piece of software, or computing device can handle high loads given a high demand of end users. This tool is typically applied when a software development project nears completion.

  • Running multiple applicatios on a computer or server simultanesously
  • Assigning many jobs to a printer in a queue
  • Downloading a series of large files from the Internet

Strategies of load Testing:

Manual Load Testing:

This is one of strategies to execute load testing, but it does not produce repeatable results, cannot provide measurable levels of stress on an application and is an impossible process to coordinate.

In house developed load testing tools:

An organization, which realizes the importance of load testing, may build their own tools to execute load tests.

Open source load testing tools:

There are several tools available as open source that are free of charge. They may not be as sophisticated as their paid counterparts, but if you are on a budget, they are the best choice.

Enterprise class load testing tools:

They usually come with capture/playback facility. They support a large number of protocols. They can simulate an exceptionally large number of users.

Advantages of Load Testing

  • Find performance bottlenecks
  • Improve scalability of your app
  • Reduce risk of downtime

Disadvantages of Load Testing

  • Need programming knowledge to use load testing tools.
  • Tools can be expensive as pricing depends on the number of virtual users supported.

load testing

Load testing differs from stress testing, which evaluates the extent to which a system keeps working when subjected to extreme work loads or when some of its hardware or software has been compromised. The primary goal is to define the maximum amount of work a system can handle without significant performance degradation.


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