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Welcome to MoDev

Welcome to MoDev,

At first I´m going to tell you what this blog and this wordpress site is all about.

My name is Moritz Vogt im a young Software Developer located in Germany with the strive to learn powerfull an interesting new things in the world of Software Development. Currently I´am working as a Web Developer with the Stack of Angular 4 , PrimeNG, NodeJs , Liquibase. My Goal with this Blog is to increase my knowlegdge and also my writing skills and maybe also help other people out.

I´ve always had the desire to do something with electronic in it.
After I finished secondary school I applied for an Education called „IT Specialist for application development“
The Education took 3 Years and I finished it 2017 in July. After my Education I decided to move to a other Company, I wanted to be an Web-Developer what I´am currently and I enjoy it pretty much so far.

My Goal is to learn as much and efficent as I can to climb up the ladder as an Software Developer.

This Blog is for Software Developer who just started to programm or an Software Development career.
Learn with me and be a part of my journey.

Credit of the Thumbnail goes to https://www.instagram.com/themaxsandelin/.

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