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software development overview

This Blog post is for beginners who just startet to interest in Software Developmen. I´m trying to give you an Software Development Overview.

If you want to know how to get startet programming I got a Article I wrote recently. Maybe check it out ->

Software development (also known as application development, software design, designing software, software application development, enterprise application development, or platform development) is the development of a software product


A software development process (also known as a software development methodology, model, or life cycle) is a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing information system.

Most methodologies share some combination oft he following stages of software development

  • Analyzing the problem
  • Market research
  • Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution
  • Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution
  • Implementation (coding) of the software
  • Testing the software
  • Deployment
  • Maintenanceand bug fixing

These stages are often referred to collectively as the SDLC („Software Development Lifecycle“).

Software Development overview

Software Development Areas

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile Devleopment
    • IOS
    • Android

Frontend Development

Have you ever looked on an website and thougth, damn which genuis has made this beautiful looking website.
On the other side you may ask yourself „Can I do that too, what tools do I need to create such a beautiful website?“
That´s the beauty of web design do not confuse it with Frontend Development.

Frontend development is the practice of converting data to graphical interface for user to view and interact with data
through digital interactions using HTML, CSS and Javascript and a lot of Frameworks.

In larger IT companies, as a front-end developer, you work at the interface between the back-end developers,
from whom you sourc

e the data to be processed, and the web designers, who give you guidelines for the design of this data.
In a smaller IT company, as a front-end developer you may have to take on tasks from these areas, so it is important that have basic knowledge of server-side programming languages (eg PHP) and database systems (eg MySQL) and experience dealing with graphic design and relevant graphics tools.

Which Skills do I need as an Frontend Developer ?
I think I couldn´t describe it better than on a Post I found. Please visit his blogpost all the credit of this beautiful roadmap goes to him



Backend Development

Backend Development is any kind of development that doesn´t involve writing code that produces a user interface. Simply, back-end development is writing code that is not directly seen.

Backend Developer do build the actual logic of the application they are working on and he might also be involved in the architecture of a system, deciding how to organize the logic so that it can run properly and be easily maintained.

Technologies and Skills in BACK-END DEVELOPMENT

As you can see in above roadmap of the the front-end developer, he needs to know a set of tools used to create User Interfaces. Back-end developer usually have a complete different set of tools to do their job effectively.

One Important skill back-end developers need is related to SQL and databases. Also they need to

Be good with server-side languages fort he technology stack they are using(PHp web frameworks, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC).

For summing it up – back-end developers write code on the back-end the code that works behind the scenes.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is doing any kind of development for any kind of mobile device. I mean with that mobile development includes developing apps for phones, tablets, smart watches, and all kinds of wearable devces which run some kind of mobile operating system.

There are two big platforms where you can develop your apps IOS and ANDROID let´s start with the overview of the IOS Platform.


The development of IOS Operating System began back in 2005, at this time the idea was to built an tablet-PC.Steve Jobs rejected the idea of an tablet-PC, he wanted to create a phone.

IOS applications are typically built with Objectiv-C what is the old way or the now more popular and powerful development language for the platform, Swift.


Android is the other big platform in the universe of mobile development. It was realeased one year later then IOS, but it has still managed to gain a pretty large share of the mobile market.

Anyone can build and Android App and emulate it on their Computer, iOS is designed to run only on a specific set of Apple

Andorid is based on the Linux kernel, and the source code of Android is released as open source by Google.

The native development platform for Android OS application is Java. Android apps can be built with Android SDK plugin to Eclipse, or Netbeans and Java but also with Android Studio.



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