How to get started with programming

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How to get started with programming

As a young student I always asked me how do I start programming which languge to pick up which IDE should I use.
The best Solution that worked for me is just start create something.

Ok how do I that you ask?

Start with little projects in areas you are interested in.
Maybe you start with a little website about yourself or of youre familiy.
You could also start with a little APP just like „Tic Tac Toe“.
Start with a Project which end you can easily achieve.
Increase yourself more and more with the size of your Project and also with the diffuculty.

How to get Started with an Project
Pick a goal you can reach easily.
A Goal could be the above named Tic Tac Toe App or the website of yourself or someone else it could be everything.
There are so many things to develop. There is going to be Blog Post about differnt areas of Software Development
Specify your Goal as precise as you can.

Make a plan about what to learn

In my education I always had the problem that I wanted to learn new things but I didn´t know what and when
and how. So I started using this online project management tool called „Kanban Flow“ for my project where I
manage now my whole life.
Everyday I read about 1 hour of books work 1 to 2 hours on my side Project do 3 – 5 times a week Sports and that besides my 10 Hour Work Day.
Before I startet with this week Plan I was lazy. You feel much better about yourself if u can check
things off your Todo List, trust me.
I know everday of my week how much time I spent on task which I determine. With that technique of the end of the
day you will feel much more fulfilled, because you did something on that day you learned something
What´s much more important then everything else is that you stick to that plan, don´t miss even one day of your week plan.

After finished reading this blog post you go over to „“ and register for free and start planning your week and STICK TO YOUR PLAN.
Start picking up a Project that u can finish easily. Start reading Books if u don´t like reading books no Problem i didn´t either.
I have to force myself to read 1 hour a day and you cant imagine how valuable books are. I´m a fucking slow reader but the knowlegde u get from reading is insane, so start reading books.

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