Facebook Twitter Xing Linkedin Instagram Youtube In this blog post I´m going to show you how to test NodeJs code with the Third Party Modules expect and supertest and mocha asynchronous calls. No worries if you are new to javascript, I´m too but I enjoy learning all area´s of javascript so far. Recently I wrote…„Testing NodeJs code with Expect/Supertest“ weiterlesen

device detector

Hello everyone this is a brief Tutorial on how to detect the device where angular is running on. This Module is made by KoderLabs https://github.com/KoderLabs Ngx-device-detector is an Angular5+ library to detect the device it can also detect OS and showing you some browser details. So let´s start of by installing the Module for your…„Device detector Angular – Brief tutorial“ weiterlesen


You may ask yourself what is better and much smother with typescript then javascript? Just look at the new typescript iterations, they are so easy to read and to programm. There are two types of for iteration in typescript for … in for … of To learn what the difference between these loops are I…„Typescript Iterations – Brief and simple explanation“ weiterlesen