Today I want to show you how to set up Magento on your Windows machine via XAMP. 1. Download and install XAMP 2. Create database for Magento 3. Download and Setup Magento  4. Deploy static content What is XAMP? XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP and Perl. The…“Magento 2 – How to setup Magento with XAMP on Windows” weiterlesen

Angular 6 – Implement Auth Guard to your project

I do have a side project running there I developed a Node.js backend and came accross private routes. My implementation in the backend works like a charm. So I asked myself if there is any possibility in Angular to do the same thing with router links. There is and it called Rotuer Guards. Let´s dive…“Angular 6 – Implement Auth Guard to your project” weiterlesen

I wanted to publish my project to the web, messed arround with github pages for like 4 hours and still did not manage to deploy my Angular 6 app on Github. So I searched for other possibilties and found firebase. With firebase it worked in 10 minutes later. So I decided to leave a tutorial…“Deploy your Angular 6 app into the Web with Firebase” weiterlesen


Facebook Twitter Xing Linkedin Instagram Youtube In this blog post I´m going to show you how to test NodeJs code with the Third Party Modules expect and supertest and mocha asynchronous calls. No worries if you are new to javascript, I´m too but I enjoy learning all area´s of javascript so far. Recently I wrote…“Testing NodeJs code with Expect/Supertest” weiterlesen

In this blog post I´d like to tell you what I learned in the course I´m taking about NodeJS. I decided to document every Section what I learned. This Section is dedicated to Asynchronous Node.js. Let´s start of by learning more about the synchronous and asynchronous operations in NodeJs. 1. Synchrounous and Aysnchronous operations 2. What…“Aysnchronous Operations – Call Stack – Promises in NodeJs” weiterlesen